En barco hasta los Canchos de Ramiro

Canchos de Ramiro. The prolongation of Monfragüe

Canchos de Ramiro y Ladronera
Unspoilet place with great enveronmental wealth

Canchos de Ramiro and Ladronera Special Protection Area (SPA) for birds is a zone of 23.119 hectares that extend from The Arco Montain, going through The Caballos , the Garrapata, the Solana and Ladronera montain range, to reach almost to the border of Portugal and Sierra de Gata.

They all form an important natural line that crosses the province of Cáceres from Villuercas, througt Monfragüe Natural Park, to Portugal.

The mediterranean forest, the river vegetation in the Alagón river, the dehesas and the large rocky outcrops give to this area  an big enveronmental wealth.

On the course of the Alagón River, just below the mouth of the Arragus, two enormous quartzite cliffs suddenly enter the river on both banks, narrowing the channel. It is about Ramiro's fields, which are, by their own merits, the heart of this SPA for birds.

Here, the rocks are the habitat for nesting emblematic species like the griffon vulture, the egyptian vulture, the black stork, the bonelli's eagle, the peregrine or the golden eagle.

If we remain vigilant we discover other birds less showy birds but very interesting like chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax), the black wheatear or the kaffir swift.

Also we can find the black vulture and the Iberian imperial eagle, species that nest on the slopes of nearby Mediterranean forest, being two of the most sought by birdwatcher who visit this place.

In winter, important roosts of ringdove are usually established, with concentration of several thousand of them. The imperial eagle knows perfectly that it is a virgin area, still little stepped on and unknow and that's why he breeds in its surroundings.

Some slopes preserve an excellent representation of Mediterranean forest, with a predominance of cork oaks, accompanied by dense "madroño" arbustus, heather, "durillo", labiérnago and rockroses.

For this reason, together with the fish wealth and the presence of several species of chiroptera, this place also has the declaration as a Site of Community Importance (SCI).

In the small affluents of the Alagón river, safe from the oscillations of the Alcántara reservoir, dense tamujares are preserved, typical vegetation of the riverbanks that have a marked low water level. Having shallow depths and forming puddles in its channel, are places where you can see the black stork feeding.

Portaje Reservoir is less than 15 kilometers in a straight line from Ramiro's slopes and is one of the most interesting wetlands of Extremadura for its ornithological values, standing out for hosting heron colonies (egret, common egret, cattle egret) and white stork, important populations of anatidae and waders (especially in winter) or concentrations of spatulas in migratory passage.

In the surrounding forests and "dehesas", wild boar, mongoose, badger or genet are common.

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Fuente: Diputación de Cáceres