The pleasure of sailing through Monfrague Biosphere Reserve

It is an extraordinary experience to sail through Monfrague Biosphere Reserve with FROM MY BOAT.

The boat route through the Tajo river offers us the possibility of entering inaccessible area only through the water and to admire our natural and faunal wealth from the heart of Monfrague Biosphere Reserve.

Sailing gives us feeling of freedom.

The meeting point is in Tajomar area, next to the 630 national road and next to the Alconetar roman bridge, in one of the its many easily accessible beaches for the boat.

We need to provide ourselves with the necessary clothes according to the time of year and, without forgetting the camera and binoculars, we go on board.

We carry a very good snack that before, with love, Frederic has made. The best cheese and iberian pork, some beers, sotfs drinks and water. ¿Do you like a local red wine? Tell it to Frederic, he will love the idea. Along the route we are finding many places where we can make a stop and to taste the snack.

This is the time to enjoy the silence, the calm and the peace that it brings us to be inmersed in the nature. This silence is only broken by the little waves and by the animals of "la dehesa".

Navegando por MonfragüeWake up your senses, open your eyes and your ears, any time is good to be surprised by deers, fallows, vultures, herons, ducks, storks or eagles.

We turn around in the limit where the Monfragüe National Park begins, where is not possible to sail for the special protetion of birds. From this point we can see the awesome "Salto del Gitano", the entrance to the National Park about the river and Monfrague Castle. It's time to take out the binoculars, we can not miss the spectacle of seeing hundreds of vultures, and, with luck, to watch the magestic flight of some imperial eagle, hawks or egyptian vultures, or the evasive black stork.


Salto del Gitano. Monfragüe

Already on the way back, it's the time to enjoy with the sunsets, watching as the sun goes down over the horizon. Have you never heard of the skies of Extremadura? ¿Nunca habías oído hablar de los cielos extremeños?, Again open your eyes and, photo camera in hand, start to watch the picture that we have in front. At this time the sky is full of splendor, turning a colorful with a great beauty. Pink, orange and yellow are the color palette of the sky that, reflected and shining in the calm water, give us othert spectacle more of nature.

Sunset spectacle reflected in the water

If you want to share and to enjoy this experience, you have all information in our website or call Frédéric to the number 676067028.