Historical monuments

Floripes Tower

The castle of Floripes, also known as Rocafrida castle (according to Juan II document), Alconétar castle or Alconétar fortress, is a fortress located in Garrovillas de Alconétar in the province of Cáceres (Extremadura).

It is of Arab origin, and was conquered by Ferdinand II of León, who ceded it to the Order of the Temple in 1166. In 1203, his successor Alfonso IX recovered most of the fortresses to deliver them to the Order of Alcántara, although with the exception of of the strength of Alconétar, continued in the hands of the Templars until 1312, at which time the Order was dissolved.

Currently it is located within the perimeter of the José María de Oriol-Alcántara II Reservoir, in the Alcántara reservoir, so it is submerged most of the time, except in very dry seasons, so the only part that It can be seen normally is its keep, when the water level drops, in especially dry years you can see the crenellated fence.

Alconetar Bridge

The bridge of Alconétar was a Roman bridge over the Tagus River. Their rest are in the municipality of Garrovillas de Alconétar, in Cáceres, Spain. It is one of the oldest segmental arc bridges in the world, prior to other examples such as the Zhaozhou Bridge in China and the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Europe (both still in use today). Its construction is attributed by some to the architect of the Emperor Trajan, Apollodorus of Damascus, who also built the wooden bridge of Arched Trajan at the beginning of the second century. The Alconétar Bridge is considered a monument.

The bridge was relocated from its original position when the Alcantara dam was built, two original segmental arches, 6.7 m and 7.2 m in light, and a ratio of light to height between 4 and 5, as it happened in segmentary arcs of later date.4 There is evidence from the position of the pilasters, that there could be segmental openings of up to 10 meters in the original construction.


  • Location: Alcántara Reservoir – Tajomar area.
  • Monuments: Torre de Floripes and Alconetar Bridge.
  • Number of people: minimum 2- maximum 5.
  • Calendar: Every day.
  • Duration: approximately 2 hours.
  • Price: 28 euros per adult, 16 euros per child under 12 years old.
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  • Languages: Spanish, English and Dutch.
  • Includes: patron-guide, drink and tasting of cheese and ham, binoculars, photography, insurance RC, wildlife, Identification, guide, flora, history and legends.
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