Sierra de Gata and Coria

Sierra de Gata

The Sierra de Gata is one of the regions of Extremadura, in the extreme northwest of the province of Cáceres. It limits the north with the province of Salamanca, the west with Portugal (Natural Reserve of the Serra da Malcata) and the east with the districts of Las Hurdes, the Lands of Granadilla and Las Vegas del Alagón and to the south, with the region from the Land of Alcántara. It takes its name from the mountains of the Sierra de Gata.

Sierra de Gata is one of those corners full of unique aspects that enrich those who visit it. Its situation on the border with Portugal and with the province of Salamanca only increases its cultural heritage; the mixture of these influences make of all the towns of Sierra de Gata places with magic that linger in the memory.


Coria is a city and Spanish municipality of the province of Cáceres, located in the northwest of the autonomous community of Extremadura. The municipality, which does not form an integral community with the surrounding towns, is located between the municipalities of Valle del Alagón and Rivera de Fresnedosa, and from the point of view of physical geography is located in the center of the plain known as vegas del Alagón, within which is the most important and unique city.

Coria has a Roman and Arabic past. Its walls, with 20 square towers and four doors, are a magnificent example of the Roman defensive architecture of the s. II and IV, and conserve some funerary steles embedded in their walls. The castle of the s. XV keeps the keep and the castle still standing. The Cathedral has a variety of styles due to the dilated construction, starting in the s. XV in Renaissance Gothic style. A few meters away is the main seminary, building of s. XVII, with the remains of a Roman funerary monument.


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