Penha García and Monsanto

Penha Garcia

On the banks of the Ponsul River is Penha Garcia, a beautiful Portuguese village with a Templar castle from which the Fossil Route begins. A fantastic tour through a place where time seems to have stopped.

Its privileged defensive position was probably one of the reasons for the settlement in this place of a Neolithic town, later converted first into the Lusitanian castro and later into the Roman population. He also counted on the attraction exerted for centuries by the existence of gold to be extracted in the bed of the Pônsul river. Nowadays, the main attractions for the visitors of Penha Garcia are, without a doubt, the dazzling views that surround the town, the originality of its castle, perched on the top of the rock, and the marks that nature and history have left here. Come to know this land full of legends and traditions, with all the charm of the Beira Baixa.


It is Monsanto, a unique village built on the top of a granite mountain that dominates a vast expanse of Mediterranean meadow. The funny thing is that the mountain is composed of huge domes of granite that have been rolling downhill for centuries, as if a bowling giant was involved.

The town grew among those big rolling drones to integrate them as a part of the urban physiognomy. There are balls of several tons of weight in an unstable equilibrium of a funanbulist located literally on the roofs. If one day they came off they would leave nothing thicker than a folio in their path. These granite outcrops are called islamontes-isla, because they stand out on the plains as small, rounded, solitary islands between a sea of cork oaks and holm oaks.


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