Ceclavín – Alcántara


Ceclavín is a Spanish municipality in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. It is located southwest of the natural region of Las Vegas del Alagón and stands out for being the municipality with more hermitages of its region. The towns closest to Ceclavín are Acehúche and Zarza la Mayor.

Its municipal area has several natural boundaries as its limits: the Alagón River to the West, the Tajo River in the South and the East is bounded by the Fresnedosa River, forming a peninsula as a whole.


Alcántara is a Spanish municipality, in the province of Cáceres, Autonomous Community of Extremadura. It is located on the left bank of the Tagus River, at its confluence with the Alagón River, near Portugal.

Alcántara is located in a flat area where the last kilometers in which the Tagus River is totally Spanish pass. The Tajo river, the main river of the municipality, marks the municipal boundary with Ceclavín and Acehúche, enters the term to pass next to the town of Alcántara and then borders with Portugal. All the rivers of the municipality are affluents of the Tajo and between them they emphasize the Alagón river, that after marking the limit with Ceclavín ends at the Tajo near the town of Alcántara; the Erjas River, which marks the border with Portugal until it ends at the Tagus; and the Salor River, which marks the municipal boundary with Salorino and Membrío.


  • Location: Ceclavín – Alcántara
  • Number of people: min 2 – max 5
  • Calender: every day
  • Time: approximately 2 hours 30
  • Price: 30 euro for adults, 18 euro for children less than 12
  • Exclusive service: personalized route, 110 eur  per boat
  • Languages: Spanish, English and dutch
  • Includes: Pattern-guide, drinks and tasting of cheese and ham, binocular, photography, insurance
  • It is advisable to bring: clothing adapted to the weather