Boat rental

Boat rental for fishing in Tajo River

Rent our boat and enjoy a day trip doing your way in the waters of the Tajo River. Stop where you want. Enjoy the environment at your own pace and, if you are fond of sport fishing, take the opportunity to reach the most favorable places for fishing and have fun with an unforgettable day practicing your favorite hobby.

We can also rent the boat for any celebration with your friends or family.


  • Location: Tajomar area or Ceclavín
  • Number of people: from 1 to 5 with boat driver, from 1 to 6 without boat driver (necessary navigation license)
  • Calendar: Every year
  • Duration of activity: Half a day or full day
  • Schedule: From sunrise to sunset
  • Price: 120 euros half day, 200 euros full day
  • The price includes: boat insurance and liability insurance
  • The price does not include gas